Group Health Wins Ohio Department of Health Awards

The Ohio Department of Health recently recognized Group Health’s dedication to patient care with the 2014 Immunization Coverage Excellence Award. The Clifton and Kenwood centers received the award.

The award is presented to healthcare providers who achieve immunization coverage rates of 90 percent or higher for a recommended series of vaccines: DTaP, Hepatitis B, MMR, Hib, Polio, Varicella and PCV.

The state is working on a goal to get 90 percent immunization coverage for patients by 24 months of age. Officials believe that increased immunization rates will reduce preventable infectious diseases, including viral hepatitis, influenza, meningitis, chicken pox and tuberculosis.

“Group Health pediatricians and family practitioners are all enthusiastic supporters of routine immunizations, which protect not only the child but his/her family and community as well. It’s very gratifying to be recognized for our efforts,” said Elaine Billmire, MD, department director for pediatrics at Group Health.
“Our physicians believe in the power of vaccinations to protect children from serious and life-threatening infections. We follow the Centers for Disease Control schedule for recommended immunizations and encourage all parents to do so as well,” added Thomas Tami, MD, Group Health’s chief medical officer.