Save on Generic Prescriptions at Group Health

NEW! $4 generics plan

Save on wide selection of prescriptions at Group Health

Take care of all your prescription needs with the pharmacists you know and trust to help you live better.

  • Pay $4 for a 30-day supply
  • Pay $10 for a 90-day supply
  • Pay $9 or $24 for select specialty medications
  • Use at the pharmacy or for online refills
  • Wide range of generics offered in a variety of doses
  • Open to public, not just Group Health patients
  • Not open to recipients of Medicare, Medicaid or other federal/
  • state health care programs
  • Yearly membership just $9.99

Register at your Group Health pharmacy:

  1. Fill out the registration form on the back of this pamphlet.
  2. Take form to your Group Health pharmacist and pay $9.99.
  3. Start saving on your next generic prescription. Download a list of eligible medications. (PDF)


  • Ask your Group Health pharmacist.

Terms and Conditions

The TriHealth $4 Generic Prescription Savings Program is a health care discount program designed for individuals with limited prescription drug benefits or no insurance coverage. Members in the TriHealth $4 Generic Prescription Savings Program are entitled to discounts on the list price of select prescription drugs at TriHealth pharmacies when paid for entirely by cash or credit card at the time of purchase.

The TriHealth $4 Generic Prescription Savings Program is NOT insurance, a Medicare prescription drug plan or a health insurance policy. Persons receiving benefits from Medicare, Medicaid or other federal or state health care programs are ineligible.

The TriHealth $4 Generic Prescription Savings Program is available to members who pay an annual membership fee of $9.99. The membership does not automatically renew at the end of the year. Instead, each member must pay the annual membership fee in order to renew membership for an additional year. The TriHealth $4 Generic Prescription Savings Program cannot be used in conjunction with any form of insurance or health plan coverage. No claims will be submitted to any insurance or health plan for any items purchased at a discounted TriHealth Savings Program price. As a result, if you purchase your prescription drugs under the TriHealth Savings Program, we will not transmit the cost of the prescription to any insurance plan, including a Medicare Part D plan for purposes of tracking your true out-of-pocket (“TrOOP”) amount. Any prescriptions covered in whole or in part by private insurance will be processed through that insurance unless the patient specifically requests that the prescription be processed through the TriHealth $4 Generic Prescription Savings Program. TriHealth reserves the right to at any time modify any aspect of the TriHealth $4 Generic Prescription Savings Program, including, but not limited to, modifying the formulary by adding or deleting drugs, or discontinuing the program in its entirety.