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  • Specializes in General Surgery
Kevin J. Grannan

Grannan, Kevin J. MD FACS
Locations: Clifton, West Chester, Western Hills, Western Ridge
Specialties: General Surgery

Kerlakian, George M. MD FACS
Locations: Anderson, Clifton, TriHealth Weight Management, Kenwood
Specialties: Bariatric Surgery, General Surgery, Weight Management

Gennaro D. LaBella

LaBella, Gennaro D. MD, FACS
Locations: Clifton, Good Samaritan Women's Center, Kenwood, Mason
Specialties: Colorectal Surgery, General Surgery, Women's Surgery

Tymitz, Kevin MD
Locations: TriHealth Weight Management, Mason, West Chester
Specialties: Bariatric Surgery, General Surgery