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Read what our patients have to say about their experiences with Group Health

Brian S., Anderson patient

“I haven’t had a better experience with a doctor in my life. He was both thorough and professional – by far the best I’ve ever met.” 

Growing up in Texas, Brian never realized how brutal the sun could be. When he discovered a growth on his temple, he thought it could be something serious – and it was. The quarter-sized spot turned out to be skin cancer.

He consulted a specialist who recommended Brian see one of the area’s top surgeons, a dermatologist at Group Health. “I have a problem with needles, but everything went smoothly. It was a fast and painless procedure,” Brian said. “My doctor was very thorough, both in explanation and procedure. He took really good care of me and made sure it was all removed.”

Today, Brian is cancer-free and using sunscreen liberally. For this active young man, it’s efficient and effective care that makes him trust Group Health.

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LaKeisha S., Kenwood patient

LaKeishaS"When I think of doctors, I think of Group Health. After all, I've been going thermy entire life." 

When LaKeisha came home from college and started her first job, she didn’t have to think twice about her doctors. She had been a patient with Group Health from day 1 – literally. Throughout her childhood, her mother took her to see doctors in the Clifton office. Today, she usually visits the Kenwood location since it’s close to work. Plus, the pharmacy makes it easier to pick up the medications she needs.

Struggling with irritable bowel syndrome, LaKeisha’s primary care physician referred her to a Group Health specialist for a colonoscopy and consultation. “We talked about everything going on in my life,” she said. “All of the doctors really get to know me. I feel that I’m more than just a name on a folder.” It’s friendly, concerned care that makes LaKeisha trust Group Health.

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Brian and Liz with Isaac, Elise and Carly, Mason patients

BrianAndLiz"Group Health gives us more flexibility in case one of the kids needs to be seen right away." 

Brian likes to tell people, “I’m having the time of my life.”

Of course, he often spends his day on the floor playing with kids and parents as owner of a local early childhood development center. “Moms ask me about pediatricians,” he said. “I always talk about Group Health and how great our doctor is. He focuses on the child, even while talking to us. The kids love him.”

Brian and Liz chose Group Health in part for its size and diversity. When son Isaac needed an allergy specialist, they found one in the same office. “We didn’t have to go somewhere else to find a specialist; they already had qualified doctors in their system,” Brian said. Plus, with the computerized records system, the specialist was able to access the files to treat Isaac immediately. It’s that kind of service that makes Brian and Liz trust Group Health.

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Jessica and Kollin M., Mason patients

"I feel the Group Health doctors really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable." 

When Jessica discovered she was pregnant, she turned to a friend, the mother of twins, for advice. “She loved her Group Health obstetrician,” Jessica recalled. “And I ended up loving her too! She always made me feel that she genuinely cares.” Faced with a high-risk pregnancy, Jessica wanted someone to answer her questions. “Anything I asked, she was there with an answer – or she would get back to me quickly.”

To find a pediatrician, Jessica again turned to a friend who recommended the Group Health pediatric group in Mason, near her home. She met with a pediatrician before Kollin was born and he immediately put her at ease. “He never makes me feel rushed and he puts everything in layman’s terms,” she said. It’s that family-friendly approach that makes Jessica trust Group Health.

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Debbie Y., Mason patient

"I never dreamed I would ever be able to do the things I am now. You've given me my life back!" 

Flat on her back, Debbie had pretty much given up on living a normal life. Spinal stenosis produced excruciating back, leg and hip pain that prevented most activities.
Her internist sent her to a Group Health specialist who treats injury or illness without surgery to decrease pain and restore function. “He seemed to be in tune with what I needed,” she said. “He helped me manage the pain. Today, I can ride my bike, go to the grocery store and church – just about anything.”

Debbie also loves the convenience of visiting all of her doctors in one location – and picking up her prescriptions on the way out the door. It’s the friendly, expert care that makes Debbie trust Group Health.

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Willie W., Springdale patient

WillieW“My doctor listens to me, then she makes suggestions and together we see what works. I like it because I’m part of the process.” 

Willie knows a thing or two about healthcare. After all, he’s spent the last 38 years as a respiratory therapist. He’s taught at two universities. He’s learned that when you listen to people, you can give them the best care possible.

That’s why Willie loves Group Health. His primary care physician listens – and if one approach isn’t working for him, she’s willing to try something else. He credits her with saving his life, literally. A diabetic with high blood pressure and a few extra pounds, Willie chose Group Health for his medical care when he moved to Cincinnati. He liked the convenient office with readily accessible specialists and a first-class medical records system. That level of care makes Willie really trust Group Health.

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Carolyn R. and her mother, Ellen R., Anderson patients

CarolynR“Having a medical partner helping you navigate the medical system really makes a difference.” 

Caring for an elderly parent can be stressful – running to doctors, keeping records, coordinating treatments. When Carolyn’s parents began to falter, she turned to her family physician at Group Health. He responded with concern and compassion, guiding Carolyn through some difficult decisions while taking good care of her whole family.

When specialists were needed, Carolyn turned to Group Health again, finding exactly what she needed in the same office. She even picked up prescriptions right there on the first floor. And when her mother had to go to the ER, Group Health’s computerized records system allowed doctors to access the data needed to proceed with confidence. That level of care makes Carolyn really trust Group Health.

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Melissa G., Clifton and Western Hills patient

MelissaG“I’m a worrisome mom. I want a doctor who is truthful with me, no matter what. If I’m just worrying, I want the doctor to tell me that.” 

Melissa loves her obstetrician and pediatrician at Group Health. “They answer all of my questions and never rush me,” she said.

When she found out she was pregnant, both her fertility specialist and her best friend recommended Group Health for obstetrics. After delivering a healthy baby girl, she chose a Group Health pediatrician. When it came time to add to her family, she turned again to her Group Health obstetrician. Now she takes both her daughter and new son to the Group Health office in Western Hills.

Melissa says that she has referred friends and family members to Group Health. “Everyone is always so good with me. I get calls at home when I have an important test. They never rush me when I have questions. It’s very comforting,” she added.

That kind of care and convenience is what makes Melissa and her family trust Group Health – you can too!

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Donita H., with husband Randy and sons Eric and Aaron, Springdale and Clifton patients

DonitaH“The service is great and everything is in one place – all of our doctors and even a pharmacy. They make it so easy.” 

With a growing family on the move, Donita says she loves the one-stop convenience Group Health provides. Her family gets their primary care from Group Health, as well as obstetrics/gynecology and endocrinology care. Donita also appreciates that doctors can be seen at multiple offices to fit her needs – and that Group Health’s electronic medical records puts her family’s information at the doctor’s fingertips whenever and wherever it’s needed. “You don’t have to explain your history every time you go in. The doctors have the information no matter what office we’re in,” she adds.

Donita has been a Group Health patient since childhood, so she knows she can trust the Group to care for her own family – and you can too!

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Craig C., Kenwood patient

“A friend spoke highly of Group Health, so I called. They’ve been really good to me. And now I’ve passed the recommendation on to other friends.” 

A long-time tennis player, Craig thought he had just pulled a muscle, nothing serious. But when his back continued to ache, a friend recommended a doctor at Group Health. She quickly diagnosed the problem and tapped her colleagues for help in addressing a couple of conditions. A series of epidural shots and simple treatments put Craig back on the tennis court in no time.

The specialists at Group Health help busy, active people like Craig ease the aches and pains of life. Doctors in physical medicine, rheumatology and orthopedic surgery work together to treat injuries and illnesses that affect nerves, muscles and bones. Using non-surgical and surgical methods, they restore function and ease pain, allowing you to maintain your active lifestyle.

It’s teamwork like this that makes Craig trust the Group. You can too!

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Matt B., Mason patient

Matt heard it tear. In the middle of a soccer game, he took a hit that sent a searing pain through this knee. Though he finished the game, the pain sent him to Group Health for relief. His doctor, a specialist in orthopedic surgery, treated a lateral meniscus tear. Matt bounced back quickly and returned to the turf.

The sports medicine doctors at Group Health help athletes like Matt get back in the game. The orthopedic specialists work together to treat injuries and illnesses that affect nerves, muscles and bones. Using non‑surgical and surgical methods, they restore function and ease pain, allowing you to maintain your active lifestyle.

Whether you’re a serious athlete or just a casual participant, you can trust the Group to help you maintain an active lifestyle.

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