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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need a Hearing Aid for Each Ear?

If hearing loss is present in both ears, we recommend a hearing aid for each ear. The use of two hearing aids helps you locate sounds easier, understand speech in noisy environments and hear fuller, more natural sounds. Learn more

What Are the Different Styles of Hearing Aids?

There are three categories of hearing aids, each with variations in styles:

Custom hearing aids
Hearing aids are made specifically to fit the shape of your ears. The audiologist will make an impression of your ears, and send these away to be manufactured. Your hearing aids will be shipped to our office ready for programming.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)< br /> Hearing aids sit behind your ear. They have different options for tubing and ear pieces.

Receiver in the Canal (RIC)
Hearing aids are worn behind the ear and are connected by a thin electrical wire to the receiver/speaker inside the ear canal. These devices are barely visible when worn.

Your audiologist will discuss with you which styles would be appropriate for you based on your hearing loss.

TriHealth audiologists work with several manufacturers. This allows us to best match the hearing aid features and capabilities with your hearing needs and lifestyle.

How Do You Determine What Hearing Aids Are Best for Me?

Your audiologist will look at several factors when recommending hearing aids, including:

  • Hearing test results
  • Your personal and social lifestyle
  • Listening situations you find difficult
  • Your ability to handle and manipulate small hearing instruments
  • Your cellphone and Bluetooth connections/devices

How Much Do Hearing Aids Typically Cost?

Hearing aid price is driven by several factors, including the internal circuit used, necessary features and available accessories. Once your audiologist determines the hearing aid that will best fit your needs, you will receive an individualized quote.

All professional services from your state-licensed audiologist with a master’s/doctoral degree is included in your price.

For any additional questions, please contact the office at 513 429 4327.