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Administration Team

Physicians lead the way to expert care

Group Health is led by physicians. The Executive Council's role is to assess: financial and operating performance,  physician recruiting results, clinical care provided, patient satisfaction and implementation of the strategic plan.

The chief medical officer and the chief operating officer implement the strategic plan and lead the day-to-day operations with the assistance of the Administrative and Physician Leadership Team.

These highly accomplished professionals ensure that Group Health provides our patients with the highest quality of care.

Executive Council

T. Tami MD 
Thomas Tami, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Vesta Johns
Vesta Johns
Chief Operating Officer

Will Groneman
Will Groneman
TriHealth Executive Vice President System Development

M. Elaine Billmire MD
M. Elaine Billmire MD
Pediatric Department Director

William Buckley, MD
Obstetrics/Gynecology Department Director

Daniel E. CaJacob
Daniel E. CaJacob, MD
Specialties Department Director


Diane Dolensky, MD
Primary Care

Robert Hiltz
Robert Hiltz, MD
Executive Department

Richard Kallenberg, MD
Internal Medicine Department Director

Lee Niemeyer
Lee Niemeyer, MD
Comprehensive Primary Care - Division Director

John Markovich MD
John Markovich, MD


John Nurre
John Nurre, MD
Executive Council
 Audiology - Division Director



John P. Schwegmann
John Schwegmann, DO
Musculoskeletal Department Director

Tony Schweier
Tony Schweier
Executive Department
Clark Hackett Schaefer


Christine Smith MD
Christine Smith, MD
Executive Department
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Craig A. Sukin, MD
TriHealth Heart Institute



Senior Leadership Team

Riyaz Maredia
Riyaz Maredia
Finance Manager

Ida Combs
Ida Combs
Director of Practice Operations - Primary Care, Endocrinology, Call Center, Front Desk

Beth Berter
Beth Berter
Director of Clinical Services -Musculoskeletal Department, Surgery, Physical Therapy

Jason Schwartz
Director of Practice Operations - Allergy, Audiology, Dermatology, ENT, OB/Gynecology, Pulmonology, Sleep


Specialty Division Directors

Toby Mathias

Toby Mathias, MD
Dermatology - Division Co-Director


Leanne Lane, MD
Dermatology - Division Co-Director


David W. Wiltse

David Wiltse, MD
Pulmonology - Division Director

Gregory J. DeLorenzo MD

Greg DeLorenzo, MD
Infusion - Division Director


Seth Isaacs MD

Seth Isaacs, MD
ENT- Division Director

Kevin J. Grannan

Kevin Grannan, MD
Surgery - Division Director